Path, Life, Journey....

She flows with the wind, chasing her dreams ♥ lying on the grassland, dreaming how her future would be.

went out with my besties today.. we had lots of fun... we had lunch at pasta zanmai mid valley...
jinny helped me edit some of the pics for my assignments... here are some stupid pics for yall... i love u girls sooooooooo much!!!!!...... i had so much fun today... sorry for disturbing some of the pasta zanmai customers... i know we're fucking noisy..!!! LOLLL!!
didnt know hp webcam does such stupid stuff!!... we can draw on the screen and fit our face on de drawings and snap!!.. so funny...
i need a new hair curler!!! mine spoiled... damn sienz....!!! going to my cousin house later to play lantern..... hehe


act like we really know how to pose..

hahahaha alien mich


wavy us!!

bai bai wo!!

horny jing pei and aunty mich



some web cam pics taken at home.... i dont look tht seductive as it is in de pics.... is just the angle!!! make up + camera can make an ugly person look pretty... some girls look super pretty in blog but in real super aunty... no sense of fashion at all!!! my girls know what im talking about LOLL!!!

hope yall enjoy it....


Funny pix, nice warps.
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de Author

me,myself and i

they say woman shall nvr reveal their age after their 20th golden birthday.. i gotta agree with tht!!
im a lady who wants everything in this world...
very materialistic indeed.

cosmetics are my bodyguard...i feel insecure without it
handbags are my partners.. i need to have it with me..
shoes are my friendships... i could nt live without it...

♥ ppl with real personalities.. and i believed in KARMA...
i live like a typical lady and pampered like a diva by my boyfriend ♥
my man is everything..♥ ♥ ♥

I love and enjoy my life..
stepping out on different paths and experience different lifestyles is my goal...
to meet nice peeps around the world...

love me not?
i write to express, not to impress...