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My Beauty Diary Face Mask 我的美丽日记面膜

im pretty sure most of u heard of the brand... it's available in Guardian R
M.49.90 1 box (10 pieces)..
Im selling it RM20 for 1 box (10 pieces)

Products are 100% authentic.
i've tried lots of different brands.. even the expensive ones.. but i found out most of the moisturizer masks were sticky and it cloged pores.
im currently a user of the product. the masks are really moisturizing yet not sticky.

email to to get the list of types of masks and the functions of the masks.

a really good bargain tht everyone should try it out. i got all the masks from wholesaler that's the reason why my price is half of the Guardian's...


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they say woman shall nvr reveal their age after their 20th golden birthday.. i gotta agree with tht!!
im a lady who wants everything in this world...
very materialistic indeed.

cosmetics are my bodyguard...i feel insecure without it
handbags are my partners.. i need to have it with me..
shoes are my friendships... i could nt live without it...

♥ ppl with real personalities.. and i believed in KARMA...
i live like a typical lady and pampered like a diva by my boyfriend ♥
my man is everything..♥ ♥ ♥

I love and enjoy my life..
stepping out on different paths and experience different lifestyles is my goal...
to meet nice peeps around the world...

love me not?
i write to express, not to impress...